West Coast Porting is building one of the first Yamaha GPR  big bore, stroker motors on EFI  with Factory Triple Pipes !!!!  This is our "stealth ski" on our services page. Started out as an 06' non power valve 1300. Last motor was a big bore 1400cc power valve engine we ported and built. That motor made big power and unreal speeds at 4100' in elevation!  I decided to take it to another level and build the first stroker motor, big bore  while using the EFI (electronic fuel injection). I have posted some build pics so far and will keep updating as i go.
specs: Custom made Wiseco 89mm pistons
             3mm stroker crank
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Old 1400cc engine removed for disassembly

EFI throttle body mounts port matched to manifold
Engine tear down, cases prepped for 3mm stroker crank
Custom made Wiseco 89mm pistons compared to stock bore
EFI fuel regulator replacing stock fuel delivery
Bypassing OEM regulator in pick up assembly
Stage 1 of case porting
Stage 2 of case porting, 1 more stage to go
Return line in, ready to route the rest of the fuel lines
Fuel pressure guage installed, 0-100 psi

Custom made 43mm bored throttle bodies
Complete new fuel system